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7/11/2023 4:00:00 AM Member News

Bluehost Launches New WonderSuite Experience

A one-of-a-kind WordPress experience providing users with guidance from beginning to end as they build and grow their online presence—including some AI-powered guidance 


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – July 12, 2023: Bluehost, one of the leading, innovative WordPress solution providers in the world, today lifts the curtain on its new WonderSuite experience. The Bluehost WonderSuite experience is designed to be the digital co-pilot through the user’s WordPress journey. Be it creating a website or setting up an online store, the seamlessly integrated WonderSuite is there to guide the WordPress experience, accelerating and simplifying it.   


While WordPress is one of the most popular website building platform in the world, novices to professionals can find it daunting and time consuming to harness the power of WordPress to build a website with all the features and functionality they want. For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), agencies and freelancers looking to succeed online by tapping into the power and flexibility of WordPress, the Bluehost WonderSuite co-pilot transforms what can be a complex process into a simple, streamlined journey. 


When it comes to creating a rock-solid online presence, there is much to consider, including picking the right themes, colors, fonts, designing web pages, crafting engaging copy optimized for search engines, adding products or new promotions to a new or existing store, and maintaining site uptime and security. 


WonderSuite is a first of its kind experience, simplifying the complexity for businesses of any size to create their site and grow online while giving them flexibility and full control of WordPress. Users with any level of WordPress experience will find that the digital co-pilot makes easy work of turning ideas into reality with fewer roadblocks and more “aha” moments.  


“Users already know Bluehost as one of the largest and most reliable WordPress hosting providers that supports their livelihoods. With WonderSuite, we remove the complexities of building a website or store with WordPress and help make that building process simple, easy and fast for our customers—so they can publish their site and see success earlier for their business,” said Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, parent company of Bluehost. “Our priority is always to help our customers, setting them up to succeed, and guiding them from beginning to end, every step of the way. WonderSuite’s breakthrough features are exclusively available to Bluehost customers only. We support our customers as they get started, grow and evolve their online presence. Their success is our success; and for our team, it’s about creating solutions that support them to grow.”  


WordPress is a notably powerful platform, surpassing typical drag-and-drop builders. Bluehost, however, has managed to ensure that the ease of building a website or store on WordPress matches the inherent power of the WordPress platform. From secure automated WordPress installations and updates, to personalized onboarding wizards (WonderStart) and WordPress-native block editing design templates (WonderBlocks) and AI-powered/search engine optimized content creation (WonderAssist), anyone can create visually appealing WordPress websites with ease and speed.     


The products included in the Bluehost WonderSuite experience are: 

  • WonderStart: an accelerated, easy and personalized onboarding experience. It asks the user specific questions, then pulls their responses into other parts of the website building process. For example, when users enter their social media handles during WonderStart, those handles will be automatically sent to SEO optimization and added to the social buttons block. 
  • WonderTheme: a multipurpose WordPress theme that helps users present their site. WonderTheme provides static pattern options that are then pulled into WonderBlocks to be personalized for the user. 
  • WonderBlocks: a wide library of block patterns and page templates, using images and suggested text, that are generated based on user’s entries during their WonderStart onboarding. The templates are generated specifically for the user's needs and are relevant and personalized to their site’s purpose. The block patterns and templates are also customizable to the user's liking. 
  • WonderHelp: an AI-powered, actionable step-by-step guide to help users throughout the WordPress site-building process. Example: Instead of using a search engine to figure out “How to create a blog in WordPress?”, WonderHelp provides a step-by-step guide within the site builder and takes users through the full process with those instructions integrated throughout each page. 
  • WonderCart: an eCommerce feature designed to empower entrepreneurs to boost their online sales with a comprehensive collection of cross-sell and up-sell features into a single, unified solution. Included in the Bluehost Online Store packages, WonderCart provides a multifaceted range of promotional and discount options in an all-encompassing solution designed to supercharge online sales. 
  • WonderAssist (will be available later in 2023): AI-powered content generation that provides relevant copy, product descriptions and SEO friendly excerpts that will help customers achieve their goals without leaving excerpts blank or with Lorem Ipsum text on their site. 


For more information on Bluehost’s new WonderSuite, please visit Bluehost.com.