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Photo by Member Mark Krancer, Kram Kran Photo


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11/7/2023 5:00:00 AM Member News

Flight Builders: Building a Brighter Future for Affordable Housing in NE Florida

Flight Builders, a pioneering homebuilder headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, is proud to announce its commitment to addressing the nationwide challenges of affordable housing through its unique approach to business and community impact. With an unwavering belief that the purpose of business goes beyond profit, Flight Builders is revolutionizing the homebuilding industry by striving to make a positive difference in the lives of its stakeholders and the community at large.

At the heart of Flight Builders’ philosophy is the belief that business and wealth creation should be a means to leave a lasting impact on the world. This impact, according to Flight Builders, should be achieved by fostering positive influence among families, friends, vendors, and teammates. By prioritizing authenticity, growth, and relentless execution, Flight Builders aims to fulfill its own potential while inspiring others to do the same.

Flight Builders has plans for remarkable growth over the coming years while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation. The company embarked on its journey in July of 2023, serving a diverse clientele, including developers, institutional investors, and local investors, demonstrating its versatility and commitment to meeting the varied needs of the community.

What sets Flight Builders apart is its deeply rooted focus on building not just houses, but meaningful relationships. The company's ethos revolves around creating mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and organizations that share its values. These connections are nurtured with care, fostering an environment of collaboration, learning, and shared growth. Flight Builders believe that life's true essence lies in cherishing and enjoying the company of those around us, making every interaction a rewarding experience.

Flight Builders invites you to take flight with them on their journey of innovation, impact, and inspiration. By championing the causes of authenticity and purpose driven progress, Flight Builders is setting a new standard for socially conscious businesses, proving that success can be measured not only in terms of profit, but also in the positive change we bring to the world. It all starts with a strong foundation, and that’s what we aim to build not only for our team but our community.

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About Flight Builders
Flight Builders is a visionary new construction home builder committed to addressing nationwide challenges in affordable housing. Their unique business approach is driven by a belief that business should make a positive impact through authentic relationships, purpose, growth, and relentless execution. Since its modest beginnings, Flight Builders has experienced remarkable growth, maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and community. Their mission extends beyond construction, focusing on nurturing deep connections and inspiring meaningful change.