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Photo by Member Mark Krancer, Kram Kran Photo

Photo by Member Mark Krancer, Kram Kran Photo


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8/13/2023 4:00:00 AM Member News


Think Bold highlighted some of the “boldest” industry leaders across multiple categories of curated sessions with powerful presentations by Keynotes including Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure, Tennille Moore of Selling Tampa #1 rate Netflix series, and Steve Lobel, legendary Music Mogul.  Amongst the keynotes, Think Bold featured local speakers and panelists like Carrie Davis, President & CEO of Wealth Watchers, Greer Johnson SVP - Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer of JTA, Angie Williams, Director of U2C Programs of JTA, Travis Williams, VP Operations and Impact of Lift Jax, Numa Saisselin, President of Florida Theatre, Eric Mann, President and CEO of First Coast YMCA, Alix Miller, President & CEO of Florida Trucking Association, and more.

THINK BOLD FESTIVAL & CONFERENCE also catered to the night-life of the local entertainment district with Think Bold After Dark in the “elbow” area of downtown Jacksonville, Fl.  Two nights of music, artists, food, and showcases. Also our food truck garden “Bold Bites”, and private B2B mixer @ Morton’s The Steakhouse.