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Photo by Member Mark Krancer, Kram Kran Photo

Photo by Member Mark Krancer, Kram Kran Photo


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Downtown Vision, Inc. Launches Open Container Riverwalk Cup Program

Downtown Launches Open Container Riverwalk Cup Program

July 1, 2024



In January 2024, City Council passed an ordinance which allows open consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Northbank and Southbank Riverwalks within the legally designated Riverwalk Open Container Area. Within this area, businesses adjacent to and directly located on the Northbank and Southbank Riverwalks that are licensed to sell alcohol may allow patrons to exit their premises onto the Riverwalk with an alcoholic beverage in-hand during program hours. 


To be legally compliant, alcoholic beverages must be in the officially branded 16 oz. Riverwalk to-go cup and may include beer, wine or spirits. Visitors can have a maximum of two Riverwalk branded to-go cups (or drinks) at any one time.


Participating establishments include the following: 


This program is sponsored by Visit Jacksonville and made possible in partnership with the City of Jacksonville, the Downtown Investment Authority and Downtown Vision.



Friday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – Midnight 

Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

Hours are subject to change. Check DTJax.com/riverwalk for current information.



Within the Riverwalk Open Container Area  (map located in link under visual assets) 



Can patrons go anywhere with a drink? No. A person with an approved to-go cup can only exit a participating business   into the open container area along the Riverwalk. Patrons may not bring in alcoholic beverages into participating businesses. See map located in link under visual assets.

Can patrons enter the waterfront parks with a drink? No. Open Containers in public parks are not allowed. However, if there is an event within a waterfront park that is properly permitted by the City of Jacksonville which allows alcoholic beverages within the Open Container Area, then patrons may do so for the duration of the event.

Why do patrons have to drink from the specialty branded Riverwalk to-go cups? In order to be legally compliant with the program, participants must purchase to-go drinks from participating businesses and drink from the specialty branded Riverwalk to-go cups. This will allow the authorities to know that the alcohol has been purchased from a licensed premises within the specialty center.

Can people visiting the Riverwalk bring their own alcoholic beverages? No. The only alcohol that can be legally consumed on the Riverwalk a is sold from licensed businesses providing specially branded to-go cups. 

 All rules, regulations and more information can be found at DTJax.com/riverwalk.

Visual Assets: Logos, images and the map of the Open Container Area can be found at the link below: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/ei7s5vcqxy4ptelwmil9m/AAK1LJ7fXwjfjuxIjm6TMdQ?rlkey=4tn647z3mht40sj9f3vtrq0s3&st=h8r17kkd&dl=0 

Media Contacts:

For media inquiries only, please contact: 


Carissa MarquesWingard

(772) 925-9813 | carissamarques@gmail.com